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The cards in the deck of legalization for states are now falling harder and faster then ever. New Mexico a few weeks ago passed legislation that would bring new rules and regulations into effect and today the Governor of New Mexico signed this into law  becoming the 16 state to Legalize Cannabis for Adults use.
Adults will soon be able to purchase recreational cannabis from store but that will not happen until April next year. A great thing that will happen starting today is that past cannabis convictions will be expunged with an automated system that will be put in place. 
Some of the best new is the home growers, which I love to see. Starting June 29th home growers will be allowed to grow 6 plants per person and 12 plants per household and the smell of cannabis will no longer be give police the authority to search people. Regulators can possibly be imposing a per plant state tax fee up to 50$ each. Adults will be able to carry 2 ounces out of the home without worry of prosecution. 
Medical cannabis producers are now worried that their may be a new green rush that could be happening which could crush the current prices. This would be great news for customers but make things more difficult for companies already controlling the market. Rules are still to be announced on how businesses will be licensed and around such this as product safety and standards, testing facilities, packaging and selling products and craft cannabis producers. 
2022 is looking to be an amazing year for the Cannabis industry in New Mexico but the question is, how big will the Green Rush be? 
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