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At checkout, use discount code: take5
At checkout, use discount code: take5

How to Make a Warranty Claim

*How to make a Warranty Claim

             In order to enforce the rights under this warranty, the original purchaser must notify Optic LED of a warranty claim by emailing Optic LED

- 2-4 pictures of the light, one of the sticker on the top of the light

- A video is optional

- brief description of the problem.

- Your name & original order details.

- your current shipping address


Where do I email my Warranty Claim information? 

Located in USA, Email:

Located in Canada, Email:

Located Outside of N.America: Email:

  The Optic LED representative will request 2-4 photos showing defect and the light in its entirety so they can submit an official warranty claim. Its very important that we receive a picture that shows the defect up close but also pictures that show the light in its entirety. Once the claim is submitted with the correct photos a response back on the warranty claim team will take 2-7 Business days.

      When the response comes back from your claim you will get a resolution plan to get your light back up and running at 100% in a timely manner. Our light is designed with all plug and play connectors on most of the components so growers can easily plug in a new part if anything ever happens helping avoid costly down time or having to pay to send your light in for repair. 

Warranty Parts List - Click Here