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As The USA Turns Green The Illicit Market Stays Strong

As The USA Turns Green The Illicit Market Stays Strong

Recently we have seen States legalize medical and recreational cannabis at a much faster pass than usual bringing in whole new legal industries that provide jobs and tax dollars. But what about the players who were running the illicit before? Where did they go? Well according to recent data the majority of people still get their cannabis from a friend (who grows or has connections) while another 20% still get theirs from a dealer. 
 Studies found that when legal cannabis stores many Mid to Heavy Smokers will buy from brick and mortar. Since 2018 the percentage has risen from 27% to 40% but that could also be helped by the ongoing pandemic and lock downs. Though the illicit market is slowly losing customers it is still holding strong and not disappearing any time soon. 
If states and sellers set taxes to high the end cost has been found to scare away curious customers and they may choose the just stick with a friend. As they say a friend with weed is a friend in deed.
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