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At checkout, use discount code: take5
At checkout, use discount code: take5

Optic LED Social Media Growers

How to know if your eligible for Sponsorship from Optic LED?


Requirements for eligibility

#1 You must have at least 1 Optic LED

#2 Have more than 1,000 Youtube subscribers & 3000 Instagram Followers

#3 Have plans for a Optic LED Video Documented Grow Series

If your eligible please email us links to your social media pages and your plans for your upcoming grow series. If your setup as an Optic LED affiliate and actively sharing a link you are much more likely to get approved. We get several requests daily so we can't give free lights to everyone unfortunately. 

Please email 




Are you wanting more exposure through Social Media?

       Optic LED grows get more views, followers and likes than any other LED Grow Light brand on the market today. Show us what you can do and use hashtags along the way for the model you grow with (ex: #Optic1XL) and use #TeamOptic if you have an exclusive Optic LED Grow. to be eligible for #TeamOptic & the #OpticLEDGrowSquad you just need a dedicated grow space to feature your Optic LEDs. When we repost your garden pictures we will be sure to include a link to your page to help you get hundreds of followers added. The better you grow, the more likely you are to get reposted by Optic LED or TeamOpticLED on Instagram. 





Do you want to get PAID for promoting Optic LED's??

              All you have to do is have your own Optic LED and be on social media. If you actively post about your Optic LED grow and show everyone what an amazing job you do with it, you deserve to be compensated. Optic LED provides a shareable link that you will get for free when you signup as a Affiliate. Once you have your link you can post onto your "bio page" on Instagram and in the description on your YouTube channel. Just let your followers and supporters know if they want to checkout the Optics you provided a link for them to have easy access. Then whenever they go to our store and make a purchase within 7 days you earn a referral automatically. 

         Optic LED affiliates are provided with an analytics dashboard so whenever you go back to the affiliate page it will show all the details about your referral. You can use your affiliate money towards more lighting or you can request a payment via Paypal. Some products are worth promoting, Optic LED is 1 of them. 


Link to signup for Affiliate Program