Commercial Grower Program


-Grow Top Shelf bud that everyone wants, and massive yields of it. 


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We Provide free consulting to all Commercial Growers to help them achieve their goals. There is big potential in the Cannabis industry right now and we can help provide you the tools you need to upgrade your existing operation or startup a profitable new venture. 

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Optic 8+ Commercial Growers

Hicksford Farms 

Hicksford Farms Optic 8+ Grow Room Pictures - 52 units of Optic 8+ 


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Optic 8+ Commercial Grow @Hicksford Farms in Oklahoma - Videos

 Hicksford farms Optic 8+ Harvest 

 Hicksford farms Optic 8+ Harvest

Hicksford Farms VEG Room - Optic 2 VEG, Optic 1 VEG & Optic 1XL VEG


CraneMonkey Farms


Dr Gonzos Greenhouse Farms

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Canadian Ed Farms

Optic 4 XL

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Optic 6 Gen3

Optic 1 XL (Comes in full cycle 3500k or 5000k for VEG)




VEG Lights 

Optic 2 VEG - Veg bigger plants faster 

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