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Commercial Cultivation Program

Commercial Cultivation Program 

   This Program will help you get your farm launched or take an existing farm to the next level. We provide you the tools you need to get your own profitable cannabis farm running successfully. Here we will show you 5 main reasons commercial cannabis farms go with Optic LED for their Grow Lighting needs.    

#1 Proven Top of the Industry Results

- Proven Top Tier Yields at 3.3lbs per light!

- Proven Top Tier potency at 31.7% THC (Blueberry Headband).

                  #2 Best Ongoing Support Team

            - 253-881-1355 -or- 971-704-2912



            - Message Our Team directly on social media

Botana Grow Management Account included with your commercial order.

            #3 The Latest LED technology

                  #4 The Best Lighting Choices

                      - Over 25 Different Lighting Choice's

                      - 15 Lighting Choices with controller tech for Auto Sunrise & Sunset feature.

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Dimmable Vertical Farming VEG Lights


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                      #5 Best LED Controller

Optic 8+ Commercial Cultivation

Hicksford Farms (Durant, Oklahoma)

Optic 8 Flower Room - Perpetual Grow

Hicksford Farms - Multiple Rooms of Optic 8+ & Slim 600h 

Some Strains Yield as much as 3.5 lbs per Light per harvest.

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click here to see all Hicksford Farms Videos

Hicksford Farms VIDEOS

August 2020 - Hicksford Farms

Optic 8+ Commercial Grow @Hicksford Farms in Oklahoma - Videos 

 Hicksford farms Optic 8+ Harvest Video

 Hicksford farms Optic 8+ Harvest VIDEO

 Central Bud WholeSale

Summer 2020 Tour - 2 Flower Rooms with Optic 8+ 

The Lucky Llama Farms

Tetrad Farming CO - Optic 8+ Commercial Farm

High Vibrations - Optic 6 Gen4

Top Shelf Farms - Canadian Cannabis Collective - Optic 8+ Grow


VEG Rooms

Call us today for specifics on what your options are for VEG.

#1 Best Choice - New! Slim 320H VEG

 #2 Best Choice - Optic 300VEG

 HicksFord Farms - Vertical Farming VEG Room 4' 8' Vertical Beds 

Interested in Starting a Commercial Cannabis Grow Facility,  Click here

971-704-2912             or

All of these farms below can be find in the menu

Monkey Guru - California ( Optic 8+, Optic 8+ NextGen)

Hicksford Farms  (Optic 8+ , Slim 600h & Optic 300 VEG)

Lucky Llama Farms - (Optic 8+) 00

Tetrad Farming CO - (Optic 8+ )

E5 Farms - (Optic 8+ & Optic 6 Gen3)

Local Leaf Growers - Slim 600h & Optic 300VEG

Happy Hemp Farmacy - Tennessee CBD - Optic 6

Southern Oklahoma Bud (Optic 8+ & Optic 2VEG)

Okie Highland Cannabis Farms (Optic 8+)

Central Bud WholeSale Company (Optic 8+ & Optic 2VEG)

McClam Griffith & Assoc Farms (Optic 8+ & Optic 2 VEG)

W&H Farms (Optic 8+ & Optic 300VEG)

Grady Co Farms (Optic 8+)

Sheets MM Farms (Optic 8+ & Optic 6)

M&J Craft Cannabis (Optic 8+ & Optic 300VEG)

Elevated Relief - Optic 4XL


Here are the Top Lights Used By our Commercial Farms. 

Top 2 LED Grow Lights for 4x4 Area