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Adults Now Can Grow Their Own - New York State Legalizes

Adults Now Can Grow Their Own - New York State Legalizes

On March 31st 2021 New York state signed into law the Legalization of Cannabis for Adults. This new law makes New York the 15th state to legalize and opens up one of the largest new markets with a population of over 26 million. The law past in both chambers with a strong majority and looks to be one of the most business and user friendly models in the country.

 Immediately after Governor Cuomo signed it into law, it came into legal effect. But because cannabis stores or businesses are operational yet adults won't be able to buy from a store for another year or two. Policy's on how cannabis businesses and stores will run will soon be announced. My personal favourite thing about this bill is home growing is 100% legal now, allowing 3 plants in flower phase and 3 plants in vegetative phase. So it seems the fastest way for adults to have their own supply would be to grow their own. 
 As a long time home growers I would recommend getting a large flower tent and a medium sized Veg tent setup. Since the number of flowering plants is small it would be best to get the plants as big as possible. This can be done with keeping them in vegetative phase until they are big enough to flower in the larger tent, I my self would get at least a 4x8ft grow tent with 2 high end led grow lights like Slim 650S, Slim 600H or Optic 8+ NextGen. Or I would use 3 tents all 4x4ft for flowering and fill each one with 1 huge plant to get the most production possible along with one 4x4ft Veg tent with a Veg light like the Slim 320h Veg. If a grower does not have room for that many tents or wants to keep it smaller then a 5x5ft or 4x4ft flower tent and a 4x4ft or 3x3ft Veg tent would do fine as well. 
Optic LED has a great lineup for high end LED lights that fit all grow areas and all situations for both Home Growers and Commercial Growers. Designed by growers for growers, find out what an Optic LED garden can do for you.
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