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Law Makers Could Pass Legalization in New York Within Days

Law Makers Could Pass Legalization in New York Within Days


 Huge news coming out of New York state that they could be very soon joining 14 other legal states that allow adults age 21 and over to use recreational cannabis and bring in a new regulatory system. This isn't the 1st time for New York to try to get through but now with a majority of Democrats in office it looks like this could be finally time for the state to join the Green Rush. Passing the law this year is now a priority for the veto holding Democrats. 
Governor Andrew Cuomo administration has said they forecast this new cannabis industry would bring in $350 million annually in taxes for the states coffers. Licenced business will be able to sell to anyone who is 21 years old or older and they will bring in legislation that will allow companies to do deliveries. Local government will get to decide if they will allow this in their areas though. As well as residents will now be able to grow 3 mature and 3 immature plants for personal use. Some may think 3 plants is a small amount but I would like to point out that 1 plant if grown well can fill up a 4x4ft easily and produce a pound or more especially if you are using Optic Led high powered lights. 
Now to the really good news, if passed this legislation will take effect IMMEDIATELY! As a long time personal home grower this is exactly what I want to see. People do not want to sit and wait years for these laws to kick in. Pass it and leave us be! That's what I say. The legislation also allows for new companies to get into the green rush without a ton of red tape to get through compared to other states or Canada. Minority communities will be able to access grants and loans to help them get into business too. Penalties for possession will be dropped for anything under 3 ounces 
All in all it sounds like big opportunities are coming to those in New York who want to be part of this new recreational cannabis system and Optic Led is here to help provide the lighting technology to help produce top quality cannabis. 
Happy gardening to all in New York! 
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