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In 2022 USA Cannabis Companies will List on the Nasdaq and Receive investment globally.

In 2022 USA Cannabis Companies will List on the Nasdaq and Receive investment globally.


          In 2022 Over 1,000 USA Cannabis Farms will go public and be traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. The Coveted Listings on the Nasdaq are an opportunity for the cannabis industry to receive investment of hundreds of millions of dollars that pump directly into the Cannabis industry and all facets of it. This will drive Mergers and acquisitions of biblical proportions scooping up hundreds of smaller farms and operating them under a bigger corporate umbrella and brand. 

       Even in 2021 this year Cannabis companies are making their way onto the stock exchanges like Glass House via Spac Merger. If you havent heard of Glass House they are a California Cannabis Company that has agreed to go public in a $567 Million dollar deal acquired by mercer park brand a Canadian Spac. Glass House is on the largest cannabis companies in Cali they oversee cultivations, 4 dispensaries and wholesale bud markets. Their goal is the become the first national cannabis brand in the USA. The Acquisition also included, Forbidden flowers, mama sue and other cannabis companies Glass house has acquired over the years. Since they are now owned by a Canadian corporation they can now be listed in the USA as well. 


      In 2022 We expect a Consistent flow of Spac Mergers as Cannabis has gone mainstream and regulations are finally catching up allowing the cannabis industry to develop layer by layer. To Drive Growth which will be expected by the investors Cannabis companies will turn to Mergers and Acquisitions, bundling up many top brands into 1 bigger umbrella to consolidate all of their numbers together and synergize as a group as well as vertically integrating. 

       This structure has been used many times in the corporate world for these publicly traded companies to deliver value to the shareholder through and gaining market share first and earning per share. This model keeps the founders of these farms still there operating their farm and owning shares in a bigger corporate entity that is traded publicly which gives founders & investors the option to access liquidity if needed and of course bring in new investors from around the world who want to invest in the worlds greatest stock market. 

        There will be several national cannabis brands on the Nasdaq in 2022 many of them already exist as there are hundreds of cannabis farms that own farms in multiple states. Now is the best time to be building your brand in the cannabis industry so when the time comes in 2022 and 2023 and investment comes pouring in that will allow you to scale your business even bigger and carve out permanent long term market share. 






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