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discount code: blackfriday7
Visits to Lucky Llama and Independence farms in Oklahoma

Visits to Lucky Llama and Independence farms in Oklahoma

           Josiah Flew into Oklahoma City on Monday and has spent this week at the Optic LED OKC Store & Shipping Center. Josiah Was able to make it out to 2 Farms and get some incredible video footage that he is bringing back next week at least 1 of the 2 videos will air then the 2nd video the following week. 

          We have Video from Lucky Llama Farms and they have Slim 650S Lights and Optic 8+ Nextgen as well as Slim 320H VEG at their amazing grow. Lucky Llama Farms has been using Optic LEDs for over 2 Years and has had great success. In the Past Year Lucky Llama has opened their own dispensary as well. 




      Independence Farms has a unique story, They are Experienced HPS Growers that grow Tall Trees with Strong Yields. They also have some Fluence LED Grow Lights and have chosen to go with Optic LED 



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