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How to get your Oklahoma Commercial Grow License.

       Farming Cannabis in Oklahoma.




            Oklahoma currently has the biggest opportunities to get into the Cannabis Industry as their program is still less than 1 year old and growing rapidly. They are accepting applications for Commercial Grow Licenses, Processing Licenses & Dispensary Licenses for a limited time. Oklahoma is 1 of only a few states that allow a single entity to be involved in all 3 Phases, Growing, Processing & Dispensing which makes it a unique business opportunity. Oklahoma is considered to be 1 of the easiest states to get approved for a Commercial Grow with only a 1-3 week turnaround time for approval and only $2,500.00 per license. 

         Oklahoma has approved openings of over 1,900 dispensaries who all need local supply of quality medical cannabis for their patients. Oklahoma has 1 of the highest price per pound in the nation so if you can grow medical cannabis there is a long list of dispensaries who will buy it and right now prices are well above $2,000 per pound for LED Indoor grown cannabis. 


 As of September 2019 here is what Oklahoma has approved so far

Patient Medical Cards Approved: 197,084

Commercial Grow Licenses: 4,507

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries: 1,954

Medical Cannabis Processor: 1,270



Requirements To apply for Commercial Grow License in Oklahoma

  • Applicants must be 25 or older.
  • Individual applicants must be Oklahoma resident or partnered with a Oklahoma residence under a single entity
  • Members, managers, and board members of entity applicants must all be Oklahoma residents.
  • Entities must show that at least 75% ownership held by an Oklahoma resident.
  • All owners and officers must provide a background check; nonviolent felony convictions in the last two years and any other felony conviction in the last five years for any owner will disqualify the applicant.
  • Unless the business entity is a Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership, the applying entity must submit a copy of the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s certificate of good standing document. For more information, visit the Oklahoma Secretary of State at
  • Dispensaries must provide proof that they are not within 1,000 feet of any entrance of a school of any kind.

Proof of identity can be established by providing a digital, color copy of one of the following unexpired, valid documents:

  • Oklahoma driver’s license (front and back)
  • Oklahoma identification card (front and back)
  • U.S. passport or other photo identification issued by the U.S government
  • Tribal identification card approved for identification purposes by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety:             
    • United States Bureau of Indian Affairs identification card or a Oklahoma tribal photo identification card.

Each owner will need to supply an Affidavit of Lawful Presence Form and supporting documentation if he or she is not a U.S. citizen.


New requirements starting August 30, 2019:

  • Applicants must supply a Certificate of Compliance for their business location
  • No individual with ownership interest in the business can be a sheriff, deputy sheriff, police officer or prosecuting officer, or an officer or employee of OMMA or a municipality in which the commercial entity is located.
  • Applicants must supply ownership disclosure documentation
  • Applicants must provide proof of good standing from the Secretary of State (SOS) and/or their permit from the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC), if applicable, depending on the business type and business structure:



Click here to apply for a license for a Oklahoma Commercial Grow, Processing License or Dispensary License. 


         Need help with your Commercial Grow? Contact us Directly! 253-881-1355


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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

Author: Weston G.