How To Start a Commercial Grow Operation

How to start a commercial Grow Operation in the United States.

         This is a Guide to helping you open a Commercial Grow Operation in the states that have the biggest opportunities at this point in time. Here is a breakdown of all the states in the USA and the current opportunities available there. We have years of experience helping launch farms into the cannabis industry with proven systems used all across the USA. Through our Optimized yield program we help manage farms in each of the TOP 11 States listed below that are considered the Top 11 states to Start a Commercial Grow Operation.

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5 Steps to starting a new Commercial Grow Operation

#1 Choose a state where you want to do business and understand your State's Marijuana Program

#2 Secure a Facility that is a viable location for a Cannabis Grow Facility.

#3 Figure out your business plan, set a budget to get started and raise capital. 

#4 Establish a team then apply for your Commercial Grow License. 

#5 Once approved, Setup the facility and begin growing!



States with Existing Opportunities (Open for Applications 2019)

These are the Top 11 States to start a Cannabis Grow Facility in. All of these states currently have application opportunities to obtain a license to open a marijuana facility. 


Oklahoma - Start a Commercial Grow in Oklahoma

Massachusetts - Start a Commercial Grow in Massachusetts

Maine - 

Arizona - 

Montana -

California -

Alaska -

Utah -

Oregon -

Colorado -

Florida -




CBD &  Hemp only states

Get in Early with CBD Hemp so when thc Cannabis legalizes you have the infrastructure to get in early and hit the ground running. 




North Carolina

South Carolina










States likely to pass in next 12 months

Vermont - (projected for approval January 2020)


New Jersey



Existing Programs (Not accepting new applications)



New Mexicor







New York


Rhode Island




Recommended 3rd Party Consulting Agencies



Marijuana Business Plan Templates 

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