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How to Start a Legal Cannabis Business in Massachusetts

 Farming Cannabis in Massachusetts.




            Massachusetts currently has the biggest opportunities to get into the Cannabis Industry as their program is still fairly new and growing rapidly. Massachusetts is still open to businesses who want to obtain a Commercial Grow License for Medical Cannabis. Candidates who wish to start a grow operation in Massachusetts will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. There is currently no limit on the number of medical or recreational marijuana businesses allowed in the state.

          As a result profits in the Massachusetts Cannabis industry continue to soar and are expected to increase dramatically over the next 2 years through 2021 and experts saying up to $1 billion dollar market by year 2024. There are many opportunities to start a Cannabis Related business in Massachusetts including, Cannabis Cultivation (growing), Retailing as a dispensary, Manufacturing or Processing, Testing Facilities, Transporting Business & Micro Businesses.


License & Application Costs

$3,000 non refundable application fee


$15,000 for a Cultivation,

$15,000 for Manufacturing/

$15,000 for a Dispensary 

$10,000 for a Testing license. 


Apply for a Commercial Grow License in Massachusetts here ->


As of the beginning of 2019 303 prospective cannabis businesses have submitted an application to the CCC including:

130 dispensaries

87 cultivators

44 manufacturers

12 micro businesses

11 transporter

4 testing licenses.


Application Review Process and Criteria

The review process includes a background check and a 60-day window during which the municipality in which the business hopes to locate must certify that the applicant has met all local requirements.



Click here to apply for a license for a Massachusetts Commercial Grow, Processing License or Dispensary License. 


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How much money does a commercial grow make?

Marijuana growing operations generally bring anywhere from $50,000 a year up to millions, or even tens of millions of dollars. The amount you make depends on your initial investment, the facility you have, the tools you are equipped with,  your skills as a entrepreneur, and a little bit of luck. The potential to earn a lot of money in the marijuana industry is high.


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Click here to see our 5 Steps to starting a Commercial Grow Facility.



Author: Weston G.