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How To Start a Commercial Grow in Montana

How To Open A Grow in Montana
Guide to Starting a Commercial Cannabis Grow Operation | WeatherPort


 Ballot issue I-190 would allow adults in the state to possess, buy and use cannabis for recreational use. A separate initiative, CI-118, would establish 21 as the legal age to purchase, possess and consume cannabis.

According to the fiscal analysis, the state expects recreational cannabis sales to total nearly $193 million in 2025, generating $38.5 million in tax revenue.

License Requirements: 

- Must be a state resident and undergo a fingerprint background check. Cannabis retailers (providers) are automatically disqualified if they have previous convictions.

- Dispensing and growing facilities cannot be within 1,000 feet of schools or playgrounds, or within 100 feet of any youth institutions.

Financial Requirements:

- Fees for providers and marijuana-infused products providers may not exceed $1,000 for 10 or fewer registered cardholders or $5,000 for more than 10 registered cardholders.

- Provider of both marijuana and marijuana-infused products is required to have only one license. License fees for testing labs may not exceed $1,200.


As of June 2020, here is what Montana has approved so far:

Patient Medical Cards Approved: 36,422

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries: 235


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