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At checkout, use discount code: take5

How to Start a Commercial Grow in Florida

Start a Commercial Grow in Florida
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Grow operations in Florida are classified as “Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers.” These legal entities are authorized to grow, possess, sell, and transport cannabis products.

Licenses are given out by the State Health department. This agency is responsible for outlining the procedures for Medical Marijuana Treatment Center registration, including the issuance of a license to operate, renewal of a license, and the suspension and revocation of licenses for those that fail to comply with operational standards.


Cannot Open a Commercial grow at the moment!


 As of September 2019 here is what Oklahoma has approved so far:

Patient Medical Cards Approved: 306,185

Commercial Grow Licenses: 20 (13 operating) - when new laws are passed that number will go up.

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries: 250

Florida cannabis licenses have sold in the past for nearly $100 million. 


Click here to apply for a License for an Florida Commercial Grow, processing License or dispensary License.


Dispensary information

Financial Requirements:

  • Nonrefundable $60,000 fee

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Click here to see our 5 Steps to starting a Commercial Grow Facility.