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At checkout, use discount code: 420

How To Start a Commercial Grow in Alaska

Opening a Farm in Alaska
How to Start Commercial Cannabis Operation - Micro Lab Farms
Alaska voted for the first joint marijuana program in the United States in 2014. This means that the state legalized both recreational and medical marijuana in one program. However, there is a distinction between the two, with different licensing periods and qualifications for each marijuana business.
Licensing Requirements: 
Same as getting a license for a retail store, just need to will have to sell your product at other retails if you are just a grow.
Available Licenses:
  • Retail sales
  • Manufacturing (including edibles)
  • Growing
  • Testing

Others (Not Required)

  • Vertical integration of licenses is permitted.
  • There is no limit as to how many licenses can be issued per individual or company.
  • Testing licensees are not permitted to hold other marijuana business licenses.
  • Your license will be tied to the physical location of your business, meaning that if you move, you have to apply for a new license.
Financial Requirements: 
Application fee: $1,000 (one time)
License renewal application: $600 (one time)

Annual license fees

  • Limited cultivation (less than 500 square): $1000
  • Full cultivation: $5000
  • Extracts-only: $1000
  • Product manufacturing: $5000
  • Cannabis testing facility: $1000

How much money is in the weed market?

In 2016, medical sales were about $4,000,000. Also, the projected use for adult sales for 2021 are expected to reach around $80,000,000.


 As of September 2019 here is what Alaska has approved so far:

Patient Medical Cards Approved: 404

Commercial Grow Licenses: 175

Cannabis Dispensaries: 93


Click here to apply for a License for an Alaska Commercial Grow, processing License or dispensary License.