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How to Start a Commercial Cannabis Grow in South Dakota

How To Start a Commercial Cannabis Grow in South Dakota
Guide to Starting a Commercial Cannabis Grow Operation | WeatherPort
Recreational Cannabis is now part of South Dakota's future. 


      South Dakota had an amazing win for legalization of Cannabis in South Dakota which will bring in Huge Revenues for local cannabis businesses and huge Tax revenues when states are in need as well has good paying jobs that directly support this cannabis industry. At this time it seems it may take around a year before the state is able to implement the new policies to allow for the Recreational Cannabis consumption

       Patients suffering from debilitating conditions will be allowed to possess and purchase up to three ounces of marijuana from a licensed dispensary. The constitutional amendment for adult-use cannabis will make it so people 21 and older will be able to possess and distribute up to one ounce of marijuana, and they will also be allowed to cultivate up to three cannabis plants. Right now July 1st 2021 is when the new law will go into effect. Then April 1st 2021  the Department of Revenue will launch their "licensing Regulations". 


License Requirements: 

Must be over the Age of 21 to buy recreational cannabis or apply for medical cannabis authorization.

Financial Requirements:

- to be announced as early as July 1st 2021. 



 Do you have medical conditions? if so you may be approved for medical cannabis in Montana. Medical Cannabis is proven to treat over 100 ailments.


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