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In the last year we saw many states pass legalization by ether through the election and by state governments. But who could be the next to Legalize for Adults. Let's get into it.
This state has a possibility of having legalization legislation on the ballot in 2020 and will likely have to pass by the peoples vote as the state government doesn't look like it could pass it itself due to friction between Democrats and Republicans on the matter. A core bill which would lead the way is called HF600 and would Legalize cannabis for Adults 21 and over, allow up to 1.5 ounces to be on a person and the expungement of low level cannabis crimes. The Governor of Minnesota is for legislation too. 
This state is surrounded by legal states so it would only make logical sense to Legalize as well so not to miss out on tax revenue. The Governor approves of a new piece of legislation that seeks to Legalize cannabis for Adults 21 and over and allow home growing of 6 plants and allow adults to carry 1.5 ounces. If the bill isn't passed by the time of the 2022 election it will like end up on the ballot and pass by the will of the people. 
This state almost passed legalization back in 2019 but the Governor had vetoed it. The good news is his 2 term limit is up in 2022 and he will be replaced soon. If the new Governor is pro Cannabis we will likely see Hawaii legalize very soon.
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