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Legalization in the South

Legalization in the South

States have been legalizing cannabis left and right in the past few years and now the south is getting its time to shine.


In 2020 a group called Arkansas True Grass tried to get enough signatures to get adult legalization on the general election ballot but failed to get enough. But they are trying again now to get the 89151 signatures need for the 2022 election ballot. Medical Cannabis is already legal in Arkansas so it stands a good chance to pass if it gets on the ballot.


In 2015 cannabis was legalized for medical purposes in Louisiana and in 2020 House bill 819 expanded the current medical laws to allow "any condition" to access cannabis. Now in April 2021 a bill to legalize cannabis for adult use advanced from a House Committee in April with support from 3 Republicans. Another bill to decriminalize cannabis passed on the same day and now they move to the Full House.


A new bill to decriminalize medical cannabis was defeated in the Tennessee House but the sponsor of the bill says its not over just yet. The General Assembly will conclude there business on this but there is still time for negotiations.

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