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Pre-Orders on now for new Slim Series and OpticLED Master Controller

Pre-Orders on now for new Slim Series and OpticLED Master Controller

Hey guys Dayton aka DrAutoflower here with Optic Led bringing you guys a new blog and today I wanted to discuss Pre-Orders on the new Slim Series lights and the new OpticLED Master Controller. I'm sure you have all heard by now and seen us growing with the new Slim 600H light in our Optic Gardens but there are now multiple versions of the Slim Series for more variations of grow setups with the Slim 480H, 320H and 100H. All of these are now available for Pre-Orders. 
 These are essentially the exact same design just in different sizes. All using Industry standard Samsung LM301H LEDs, along with CREE XPE Deep Red and Royal Blue LEDs and Meanwell dimmable drivers. The Slim 480H is the same size of as the Slim 600H and covers a 4x4ft area with too less light bars but still covers the area very well. The Slim 320 fits perfectly in a 4x2ft area and is essential half of a Slim 600H. The Slim 100H is 1 bar that is 4 feet long so it is perfect for side light and for Veg tents or great if you want to slowly add on to your garden.
 The OpticLED Master Controller is now on pre-order as well. This touchscreen controller can be optimize to ramp up light just like the natural sun (which saves you on power), used as the lights timers and it can be daisy chained so multiple lights can all be controlled by 1 controller and can run 2 different rooms each having their own custom settings. Also the Optic 8 and Optic 4xl can be upgraded to have the ports as well but you need to ask Optic support to do this when you buy.
Check out these videos for more information on these Slim Series lights and the new Optic Touch Screen Controller. 
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