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The More Affordable Slim Series Light Options - Slim 480H and Slim 320H

New LED Grow Lights Slim 320H Slim 480H Slim 600H slim320h slim480h slim600h

Hi guys Dayton here with Optic Led. This week in the blog we are going to talk about the new Slim 480H and 320H series grow lights. If you have been following along with the guys at Optic LED you would have seen that we all have been growing with the new Slim 600H (the flagship Slim Series light) during our last grow series. Now growers have the cheaper option to use the same technology as the Slim 600h but in the Slim 480H form which is 2 less light bars or with the Slim 320H which is half the size of the Slim 600H.

 Think of the possibilities now that there are Slim Series Led Lights that are now cheaper and more customizable in the smaller form. 
If you are interested in seeing what the new Slim 320H can do in the garden be sure to follow my new grow series coming up in my 2x4ft grow tent that I will be posting on the Optic Social Media accounts. 

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