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 Optic 8+ Reviews

Optic 8+ (Dr Autoflower) 

Optic 8+ Unboxing (90 Degrees Lens) (Dr Autoflower)

 Optic 8+ Unboxing & Review (Bloom Bloom Room)

Optic 8+ Demo, Review & Expectations


 Optic 8+ Setup in the Garden (Dr Autoflower)


Optic 8+ Unboxing (baylien warriors)

 Optic 8+ (90 Degree Lens) How to use it in the garden (Bloom Bloom Room)


Optic 4XL Reviews 

Optic 4 XL - Unboxing - Review - 2 minute Par Meter Test (WestCoast Cannabis)

 Optic 4XL Omar Benghazi - #TeamOptic Grower

Optic 6 Reviews

 Optic 6 Gen2 (older version) PAR METER Testing in Grow Room (WestCoast Cannabis)

 Optic 6 Gen 2 (older version) unboxing & Review (Dr Autoflower)

 Optic 4 Reviews

 Optic LED Optic 4 Gen2 (older version)


Optic 2 Reviews

OPTIC 2 Gen2 (older version) UNBOXING AND REVIEW by DrAutoflower

Unboxing & Review Optic 2 (Monarch Garden)

 Optic 1 Reviews


Optic 1 XL reviews

Optic 1 XL Review (Optic LED Grow Lights)


 Optic 1 XL Unboxing & Review (Dr Autoflower)

 Unboxing & Demo Optic 1XL (Polo Purpp)

Far Red Bloom Enhancer Reviews


COB Arrays Reviews

XL4 COB Array Review & PAR Meter Test (Weston with Optic LED)

X4 COB Array Review & PAR Meter Test (Weston with Optic LED)