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Use discount code "bigyield100" or "bigyield70"
Use discount code "bigyield100" or "bigyield70"

Optic 8+ 9 Plant Sea of Green Grow Series - Weston with OpticLED - (Q1 & Q2 2020)

           This is a Video Documented Grow Series from Clone to Harvest done by Weston with Optic LED Grow Lights. The purpose of this grow was to demonstrate the easiest way to get a 2+ Pound Yield using the Optic 8+. 


Optic 8+ 500 watt Grow

9 Tall Tree's (9 Plant West Coast Sea of Green)

Double Layer Trellis Net

4-8 Week VEG Time


 Optic 8+ Harvest Videos




Optic 8+ Grow Series Videos