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Use discount code blackfriday7

Optic 6 Gen4 & Slim 600h Grow Series with Weston (Q1 & Q2 2020)

         The first Video Documented Grow by Weston featuring the new Slim 600h and the new Optic 6 Gen4. This grow also highlights the features of the new OpticLED Master Controller including the automated sunrise and sunset feature. 


Slim 600h - 5 Plant Grow

VEG Time: 7.5 Weeks

Flower Time: 10 Weeks


Optic 6 Gen4 - 1 Plant Grow

VEG Time: 7.5 weeks

Flower Time: 10 weeks


Harvest Videos

coming soon!


Grow Series Videos

 Slim 600h LED Harvest Results - (May 2020)


 Slim 600H - Full Harvest Video of 5 Plants 

 Optic 6 Gen4 - Harvest Video - 1 Plant Grow

 Slim 600h Dried and Curing Bud

 Slim 600h Harvest Update 

 Optic 6 Gen4 & Slim 600h - 10 weeks of flower


 Flower Quality Inspection for the SLim 600H Grow

 Optic 8+ Harvest Video.