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At checkout, use discount code: take5

Okie Highland Cannabis

Okie HighLand Cannabis


            Okie Highland Cannabis is a licensed Medical Cannabis producer in the state of Oklahoma. They are setup on a perpetual harvest so every 2 weeks they have a harvest and then replant more seeds. They currently are growing autoflowers from Mephisto Genetics so they are able to VEG and Flower both under the Optic 8's. 


Flower Room: 32 Units Optic 8+

VEG Room: Veg and FLower in same room




 Okie Highland Cannabis - Medical Marijuana Grow Facility Oklahoma


 Beautiful Green, Lush, Thick and Healthy Canopy here, Yields are going up with each and every harvest. 


8x8 Grow Beds with 4 units of Optic 8+ per Bed. Harvesting bi-weekly





Mephisto Genetics Autoflowers shown here (January 2019)

The Start of Okie Highland Cannabis (January 2019)