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At checkout, use discount code: 420
At checkout, use discount code: 420

Giggle Bush Farms - Oklahoma Commercial Cultivation

     Giggle Bush Farms is a boutique style grower focusing on producing the best possible high quality Medicinal Cannabis with a fully automated cultivation. They have TItan Helios 8 lighting controllers that they just run 1 power line to then they power cords to their lights plug directly into their controller which automates their lighting schedule. They have a Drip irrigation automated watering system setup which works amazing and their plants love getting watered more than once per day. They also have their environment fully automated with air conditioners, dehumidifiers, Heaters & CO2 tank which is also on a Titan controller. 


Strains Grown at Giggle Bush Farms

- Gorilla Glue #4

- Sunset Sherbert


Lighting Used in Flower Room#1

- 16 Units of Dimmable 460 Watt Optic 4XL (@240v)


Lighting in VEG Room

- 12 units of custom 100w Optic 1 XL VEG with 120 Degree Lenses 


December 2019 updates. 

Preparing for 2nd Crop to enter flower. (August 2019) (Wifi Camera pic)

 (August 2019)


Week#6 FLower - Commercial Grow - 16 Optic 4XL (July 2019)

 Giggle Bush Farms successfully Harvested their first Optic LED Crop and 

has distributed it to local dispensaries. The Quality came out amazing and they were able to get 20% more than average market price. Gorilla Glue came back with 21% THC when tested at a 3rd party lab. So Far Giggle Bush farms is loving their Optic 4XL LEDs and are convinced their results are going to get better and better. 


 VEG Room: Pictures coming soon!