E5 Farms - Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Facility

E5 Farms
   E5 Farms is a new Medical Cannabis Cultivation in Oklahoma producing a wide variety of flavors in a state of the art facility. E5 is organized and ran by an experienced grow team with over 10 years of commercial cannabis cultivation experience. E5 is excited to integrate Optic 8+ and Optic 6 Gen3 into their flower rooms where they have traditionally ran 1000 watt HPS lights. They will be running 1000w Phantom DE bulbs in a side by side grow against the Optic 6 and Optic 8+. 
Side by Side Grow - 
1000 watt Phantom Double Ended Bulb
500 watt Dimmable Optic 8+
605 watt Optic 6 Gen3