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Why Optic Led Stands Out From The Rest

Why Optic Led Stands Out From The Rest

Hi guys, Dayton aka DrAutoflower here with Optic Led. So as you may have noticed in the last few years many new Led companies have been popping up all the time on the internet. But maybe you have also noticed that many of the Led growlight companies out there now are NOT documenting growing with their own lights, many of these companies owners and workers have never actually grown themselves. 

 This is the difference between them and us at Optic LED. We are all medical growers in legal areas documenting our Optic Led Gardens none stop. With many years of experience under our belt we are able to give much more precise information on growing with our lights and how to produce the best end product. We document all these grows on our social media accounts and have been doing so for years. 
 So if you are new to the Optic Led crew there are 3 main growers. Jesse also know as Led Grow Guy helps run the Canada side of things and has an amazing Instagram account along with a growing YouTube Channel. Weston also know as Westcoast Cannabis is the Founder of Optic LED and he documents his process of how more commercial type growers can get the best yields with our lights. He's got some monster grows worth checking out on his YouTube and Instagram channels. And then there's me, DrAutoflower. I've been growing on YouTube now since 2011 and in the process have reached over 13 million people and have taught tons about how I grow. I like growing Autoflower and Photo Period plants and I love being able to spread my knowledge to so many people out there. 
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DANNY - March 12, 2020

I’d like to thank you ,Wes, and Jesse for all the great videos teaching people how to run a legal grow.
You have guided me through a ton of information about all led Grow Light .
I have a two plant tent and not looking to get bigger. I like to add more light to it with the slim 100 .
I have a 24 by 47 grow tent. I have two 100 watt Cob and the Osram bloom enhancer .
Like to have any Ideas on mounting for side lighting.

Thanks Danny

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