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At checkout, use discount code: take5
What Sets Apart Optic Led From The Rest

What Sets Apart Optic Led From The Rest

Right now, there are many LED light company's producing lights all around the world. Some good, some bad, and all in between but what makes Optic Led stand out from the rest?
1. At Optic Led we are growers who design led lights for growers. Very few companies actually show documented grow series like we do, actually showing what it looks like to grow with our lights. This is a huge point I would like to start with. In this industry there are many what some call "culture vulture" companies who are not part of our Canna community and have nothing to do with it. These companies usually just steal design ideas from popular companies leading the industry. They don't grow themselves nor do they care about providing the best tech to do so, we do though.
2. Optic Led use the best tech on the market and always looking to innovate. A great example of this is how Optic was one of the very 1st companies to start using Samsung's now industry leading led chip, the LM301H which is there 1st high end horticulture specific lights. Now many companies are playing catch up switch to Samsung's LM301H. Also we were one of the 1st companies to come out with a led touch screen Master Controller to give you much more control of Optic lights such as the ability to program a sunrise and sunset feature.
3. Optic Led is constantly listening to our growers to what they want to see improved or what new features or designs we should go with. This goes back to we are growers too so we know a good idea when we hear one and we love to able to give growers something made specifically for their needs.
4. We always have something in the works. Where some companies only release 1 or 2 new Led Growlights a year we are constantly designing and releasing new lights every few months, sometimes having multiple lights released at once.
Stay tuned in for more updates on future projects and new lights being released. 
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