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Top Leds For A 4x4ft Grow Area

Top Leds For A 4x4ft Grow Area

Normally in the LED grow light industry grow lights are made to cover 3 main sizes of grow areas. These sizes most used in the industry and for hobbyists are 2x2ft, 3x3ft and 4x4ft areas, and LED lights are made to accommodate. In this blog, I wanted to get into the Top Leds for a 4x4ft grow space and give you guys an idea of what is best to use.
 BEST Budget Friendly + Cool Running Led for 4x4ft - Slim 480H
The Slim 480H, Lil brother of our Slim Series flagship led. The Slim 480H is the same size as the Slim 600h but uses further spread out Led bars and runs at 480w. This is one of the coolest running 4x4ft grow area LEDs on the market using the top of the line Samsung LM301H LEDs and Cree XPE Reds and Blues for the Bloom enhancers produces big beautiful dense nugs and makes this led run very low heat compared to many other on the market and allows for more of a vertical garden style of growing as you can get closer to your canopy without risk than compared to COB LEDs.
 Dimmable design and Master Controller compatible 
Best Powerful Budget-Friendly COB LED for 4x4ft - Optic 4XL NextGen
There is no denying the power that Cree COBs put out and the penetrative ability they have. If you grow big deep canopy plants and you need your light to penetrate to your bottom buds to make sure they grow thick and solid as well as being on a budget then the Optic 4XL NextGen is the perfect light. It also has the best of both worlds with the Cree COBs along with the same upgraded Bloom Enhancer as our flagship Optic 8+ NextGen that uses the Samsung 301H and Cree XPE Reds and Blues making these grow lights powerful and efficient. This light is the Lil brother of our main Flagship Led the Optic 8+ NextGen with the exact same setup except for 4 less Cree Cobs. If you are wanting to get into the power of cobs but want something a bit cheaper than Optic 8+ NextGen then the Optic 4XL NextGen is the light for you. 
 Dimmable design and Master Controller compatible 
Best Powerful Low Heat/Light Spread High Quality Led for 4x4ft - Slim 600H 
Out of our Slim Series Leds, our Slim 600H is our most powerful with the best light spread of them all. These lights are using the best technology and design on the market making them very powerful, able to produce amazing quality buds but at the same time they run very low heat compared to other grow lights on the market at the same wattage. It is also one of the most efficient LEDs on the market with an efficiency rating of 3.0 umols. This combination of being well designed and using the best tech out there has quickly made Slim 600H our number 1 selling grow light especially for home growers who want the best tech out there that will last years and years. 
 Dimmable design and Master Controller compatible 
Best Most Powerful Led for 4x4ft 
- Optic 8+NextGen
If you are wanting the most powerful mix of COB and Samsung LEDs then the Optic 8+ NextGen is the light for you. Optic 8+ lights are what the majority of our commercial growers are using in their gardens because they provide amazing penetrative ability for large plants with deep canopies. Running at 550w this light is very efficient and powerful with 8 Cree COBs spread across and a powerful yet efficient Bloom enhancer design with Samsung LM301H and Cree XPE Reds and Blues the same as the Slim Series LEDs. So if you want the best of the best, our flagship light the Optic 8+ NextGen is the Led grow light for you.  Led Dimmable design and Master Controller compatible 
All these lights can be used for the entire grow life cycle of your plants and all can produce amazing results in both VEG and Bloom. 
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