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At checkout, use discount code: take5
The New 550 watt Optic 8+ NextGen Dimmable is now shipping

The New 550 watt Optic 8+ NextGen Dimmable is now shipping



        The New Optic 8+ is the most beautiful piece of high end LED Grow Light technology we have ever produced. Optic 8+ is arguably the best LED Grow Light of all time when it comes to impressive grows from an LED Grow Light. The COBS pump out such major intensity that cannabis plants absolutely love it and you will grow super sized plants. I love coming into my grow space and seeing this beauty in there and of course in the mornings the automated sunrise is easy on the eyes. Lets take a look at a couple of the cool features that i absolutely love. 


Dimmable Optic 8+ Nextgen is for growers who want the very best results possible. The NextGen Optic 8+ is not only 50 watts more powerful but also more refined in every way featuring the best of the latest in quality high yielding LED technology that's proven to deliver industry-best results and making a major statement with your boutique bud. 

         1 special feature that Optic 8+ Nextgen possess is Spectrum control, so whether you're in VEG or Flower you will have the control to add more Blue Light, Red Light, or White light from the 3 independent front-mounted dimmers. Spectrum control puts you in a very elite class of growers, so you have more precision control to recreate mother nature indoors. 8 of the most proven high yielding COB LED Chips the CREE Xlamp CXB3590 mounted with Soderless COB Holders and protected under a our biggest ever 120 degree Lenses.   




      The 2 biggest improvements with the new Optic 8+ is the controller ports & the bloom enhancers upgrade. You can now add the Optic LED 7" Touchscreen Master controller to take your grow to a whole new level that very few growers get the opportunity to operate at. You will have the Automated Sunrise and Sunset feature which is very easy to setup and have alot of benefits. The automated sunrise save you a lot of power on the light fixture and with air conditioning costs. Most importantly your plants will love you even more and you will instantly see signs of less stress and more robust growth.                               

     The New NextGen Bloom Enhancer array is absolutely amazing! All new everything, loaded with 5x as many LEDs from Samsung & CREE and now driving at 100 watts of power bringing total fixture max power for 500w to 550w. The New X pattern design with double rows spreads the special light from these bloom enhancers all across your garden. Optic 8+ NextGen is highly refined and is will taken your crop quality and yields to the next level. 

      The Spectrum for Optic 8+ is well balanced and tuned for the best possible crop quality and to be able run extremely high light intensities resulting in significantly higher end yields. This Chart shows the Spectrum when the light is at full power, however you will have Spectrum control and will be able to adjust the light adding either more RED light or Blue Light depending on what phase of the grow you are at. 


        Get yours today! Click here



Click here to see the Optic LED Touchscreen controller

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Will this light fixture, can it be controlled by a TrolMaster controller

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