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At checkout, use discount code: take5
Thailand Legalizes Cannabis - 1 Country at a time

Thailand Legalizes Cannabis - 1 Country at a time

BANGKOK — Thailand made it legal to cultivate and possess marijuana as of Thursday June 9th 2022, Many old school growers in Thailand rejoice today who remember the legendary Thai Stick and to this day is a long time favorite enjoyed around the world. The Best Part is the Thai government plans to distribute over 1 Million Cannabis seedlings starting immediately to buildout the Cannabis industry locally and produce local medicine for an aging population who is in need. 


                 Local Cannabis cafe's were packed out with legal cannabis purchases which will provide needed medicine and recreational use to the local people. Thousands of Jobs and opportunities are now being created in a place Like Bangkok known for so many things, will now be a cannabis hotspot in a area on earth that will be quite happy to enjoy that liberty. 1 country at a time, 1 state at a time, the legalization is happening and is needed. 


- Weston Gregory

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