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Starting Your 1st Indoor Grow? 5 Reasons Why You Should

Starting Your 1st Indoor Grow? 5 Reasons Why You Should

Starting Your 1st Grow
Many of us are stuck inside our homes and could be for the foreseeable future and with that comes boredom. Tons of people are picking up new hobbies, baking sourdough bread and planting gardens. If you are not an indoor grower yet and you are on the fence about buying a grow light and starting your own indoor garden here are some reasons why it's a smart idea.
 1. Its a Stress Reliever
There is something special about growing your own plants from seed to harvest and just being in the garden checking out and taking care of your plants can lower stress levels and put you in what some would call a zen state. Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the flowers in life. 
2.Its a Fun Hobby to get into 
Growing is just a fun experience and pretty much anyone can do it. There is tons of information online about all things that deal with growing so it's easier then ever to try compared to any other time in our history. Also this a hobby that let's you really enjoy the fruits of your labor. 
3. Grow Your Own Supply 
Being self sufficient right now seems to be more important than ever. Being able to not ever worry about how you are going to get or pay for your next bag is a great feeling. 
4. You make Your Investment Back Fast 
To put it plan and simple buying a grow light is an investment that pays off after your 1st grow (2 to 4 months) then after that you are just paying electricity to produce your own. For me my bill is around 80$ extra a month to grow Pounds every 2 months. It's awesome to see how much you are saving once you stop buying your supply. 
There is a amazing community of growers online that you can connect with, make friends, learn, teach and more. If you are looking for a community to join this is one to consider. I myself am apart of different communities across the internet and the Growing Community is by far my favorite. Tons of cool helpful people, positive vibes, less drama and easy to make friends. 
These are just a few reasons to consider if you are on the fence on starting your own indoor garden with Optic LEDs. 
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Jamie - May 17, 2020

Hi there,
I recently purchased an Optic 1 54w 5000k for a purposes of growing a single autoflower plant.
I would like to increase the potential yield so I was thinking of purchasing the 54w 3500k and having the 1 plant grow under both lights on at the same time.
Is this ok? As they have 2 different light spectrums.
Thank you

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