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At checkout, use discount code: take5
Optic LED Oklahoma City Distribution Hub & Service Center - Now Open 10/1/2020

Optic LED Oklahoma City Distribution Hub & Service Center - Now Open 10/1/2020




                 October 1st 2020 Optic LED has a new Shipping hub setup in Oklahoma City to allow us to give our customers and fellow growers the best possible experience. The new shipping hub has an impact on several key variables in the LED Grow Light industry. Optic LED is the LED company for the Growers.

          Optic Express 2 day shipping is Game Changer. Optic LED Express as of November 1st 2020 means all USA customers will receive "Optic Express 2 Day shipping"!! It basically the "Amazon Prime" Version of Optic LED shipping except its free. For All Growers in the USA its a big win since they will now automatically get the 2day shipping for free which was an extra charge in the past. 

            USA Growers, Life just a little bit better for you! Now you have instant access to the worlds greatest LED technologies and you can do next day delivery or contactless Same Day in store pickup. Home Growers and Commercial Farms all across the USA will benefit directly as Optic LED's Distributiion chain expands across the usa it reduces total shipping costs and Optic LED has committed to passing the shipping cost saving to you the grower in the form of a lower price tag on all Optic LED Products. 


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