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New Jersey is A Signature Away From Legalization

New Jersey is A Signature Away From Legalization

Adults in New Jersey will be celebrating very soon as Legalization is now just a signature away from coming into law as last Thursday the bill was passed in both state legislature houses and now moves on the the approval of the Governor. This law will legalize adult use of cannabis and provide framework for this new industry to operate within.
The regulatory system will be bring in a new tax on cannabis which will see 30% of the tax revenue going to running the operations of the Cannabis Regulatory Commission and the other 70% of tax revenue coming from sales together with the "social equity excise fees" will go towards community's that have been adversely hurt by drug laws.
For the first 2 years the statewide amount of cannabis facilities will be capped at 37. Towns and cities will be allowed to decide if they want these cannabis business going up in their area and if they do they are able to collect a 2% tax from them.
The bill also gives incentives for women, disabled veteran and minorities to enter the industry.
Both criminal and civil justice reform comes with this bill which regrades the unlawful distribution and possession of less than 5 pounds of marijuana or less than 1 pound of hashish. As well it will make distribution of under 30 grams or 5 grams of hash punishable as a crime of the fourth degree and offenders can get up to 18 months in prison and or a fine of up to $10,000. 
New Jersey voters passed measures in November to legalize recreational marijuana, which won by a landslide and will make cannabis accessible to adults 21 and over. Medical cannabis has been legal since 2010.
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