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Mexico Will Soon See Legalization!

Mexico Will Soon See Legalization!

On Wednesday March 10, 2021 Mexico's Lower chamber of Congress approved a bill to legalize cannabis which will set up the country to soon become the largest populated cannabis market in the world, with roughly around 130 million people.
 Legislation had been approved by Deputies but also debate on for some time afterwards on how things will be implemented and is now being sent back to the Senate for approval. This new cannabis legislation will allow adults to use it recreationally and bring in a legal system that would control sales, product, processing and distribution.
Personal growing seems to be a bit more lax compared to Canada (4 plants per household) as this bill will allow adults to be able to grow up to 6 plants personally or 8 per household. The one difference would be Mexico wants people to have a licence, in Canada only medical growers only need a licence. 
In 2017 Mexico legalized Medical use of cannabis which and it is joined by other South America who also legalized medical use. But only the small country of Uruguay has legalized for personal use so far. Some people believe this could be the start of the green rush for Mexico and other South America and legal Canadian companies are already starting to eye up opportunities.
How likely is it to pass? Very likely as the Senate is similar in control to the Lower House. So this is great news for advocates, tourist, consumers and businesses alike.
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