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Historical Cannabis Reform Legislation

Historical Cannabis Reform Legislation

On December 4th 2020 the House of Representatives passed a historic piece of legislation that would decriminalize cannabis on a federal level but still allowing states to pass their own regulations 
The MORE Act passed with a vote of 228 to 164. Finally signaling that the Feds hear what the population has been saying for 50+ years, that these laws are wrong and need to be changed. Right now, cannabis is still classified as being the same as Heroin or Meth allowing for no scientific study's to be conducted which vary well can and has lead to many medicines all around the world already. 
But now the legislation moves to the Republic controlled Senate who are unlikely to pass this even when the majority of the population wants this. In the house only a hand of Republicans voted for this to pass.
Rep Matt Gaetz, R-Fla said "If we were measuring the success in the 'war on drugs,' it would be hard to conclude anything other than the fact that drugs have won" because Americans no longer supported rediculus laws on drugs.
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