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Giving Back to the Community

Giving Back to the Community

This year Optic Led has been running multiple Giveaway Contests throughout out the months and we just launched a new giveaway last week which will be running until July 25th. Optic Led is part of an amazing growing community with so many awesome growers and giveaways are one we can give back to the community who has been awesome to us. Nothing better than winning a free badass led light for your garden in this hobby and we are very happy to bring that experience to the lucky few who win.
For the current giveaway, we will be giving 3 of our single bar Slim 100H Led Grow Lights, one to each of the first 3 winners. The main prize will be a badass Slim 320H and our touch screen Master Controller. If you are interested in entering the contest it is very simple just click on the link provided then tap on which way you want to complete an entry. You can enter multiple times just follow the simple instructions of each entry. Best of luck to you all and happy gardening! 
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