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Decriminalization Of Cannabis In The USA Might Be Here Soon

The times are a changing with a slow and steady pace in the USA regarding Cannabis Legalization and now we have 11 States that have legalized adult recreational use along with 33 states who have legalized Medical Cannabis. But legalization may speed up to a much faster pace soon if the House passes a new federal decriminalization bill that could be voted on next month. 
The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, or MORE, stands to decriminalize marijuana by removing it from the Controlled Substances Act. Allowing states to pass their own laws around weed. Taking place possibly sometime in September, if passed it could mean tons of new opportunities for businesses, employment and for the states to have new very needed tax revenue. 
The public have spoken time and time again about wanting to see the end of cannabis laws now growing louder as recent polls show that 66% want cannabis legalized federally. The numbers have been steadily rising year by year with no signs of going back down. Cannabis is here to stay and is part of our culture whether politicians can see it or not. People are tired of morality laws and also want the benefits of bringing in a new industry to the light as the Cannabis Industry is a huge job maker which has been seen all over legalized states and in Canada. 
Less then 2 years ago Hemp was Legalized on a Federal level which was amazing news for the CBD industry, let's hope politicians finally see the benefits from finally allowing people to use this amazing plant. 
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