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At checkout, use discount code: 420
At checkout, use discount code: 420
Central Bud Wholesale - Medical Cannabis Farm Tour

Central Bud Wholesale - Medical Cannabis Farm Tour

           Shout out to Central Bud Wholesale for letting us come by and checkout their Optic 8+ Flower Rooms. The team at Central Bud is very hard working and tends to their garden 7 days a week. You will see Central bud has an experienced grow team that is from Colorado and is running exclusively Ocean Grown Seeds strains at their facilities.

            The Rolling Beds are a must have for every commercial farm so you can maximize production per square foot. All Growers who use the rolling beds absolutely love them, it makes it easy to move beds around and have access to have easy access to all the plants. We Push all the beds up against each other and have a LED Lighting Grid on the ceiling benefitting from the side lighting from 20 Fixtures operating together. Side lighting increases penetration significantly delivering PAR (plant food) to 360 degrees of every branch.



 August 2020 Tour At Central Bud WholeSale - 2 Flower Rooms

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