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Cannabis Wins Big At The Election

Cannabis Wins Big At The Election

As everyone bites there nails waiting to see who won the USA election it was very clear who was the real winner of election night, Cannabis. 5 states cannabis laws of Medical Use and Legalization for adults were on the ballot this time around and they all passed! Such an amazing day for the Cannabis Community and individual freedoms for people in those 5 states. There are now only 1/4 states left that have no medical or adult use laws. The gap is ever closing and very soon I believe we will see all states with reformed cannabis laws. To see Mississippi pass (one of the states that passed Medical laws) makes me so very happy and optimistic for the future as I thought this would be one of the very last states to ever pass new laws so it's amazing to see that proved wrong.
So what all Passed in each state? 
 ARIZONA - People in Arizona voted on Legalization of Recreational Cannabis as it failed to pass 4 years ago when 51.3% of voters voted no. Its passed this time with about 60% support. 
 NEW JERSEY - Law makers here have recently been trying to pass legislation to legalize recreational cannabis but were not able to find the support to get it passed so they decided to go another route and leave it up to the voters. It passed with huge support with 67% approval, the people have spoken loudly here. 
 SOUTH DAKOTA - Here they voted on legalization of Medical Cannabis and Legalization for adult use. Both of these passed medical by 69% approval and adult use at 53% approval (the smallest of all margins) making South Dakota the 1st state to legalize Medical Use and Adult Use at the same time.
 MONTANA - 2 Initiative were on the ballot for the people of Montana. For legalization of adults to posses, buy and use cannabis and the other was for establishing age of use of 21. Taxation was also voted on. Both of these passed with 60% and 61% approval. 
 MISSISSIPPI - 2 competing cannabis initiatives were voted on here to legalize medical use of cannabis. One being a put forth by a citizen petition to allow physicians to recommend medical cannabis for approved ailments. The other initiative was for medical grade products, limiting smoking and leaving future frame work open for changes. The peoples initiative passed with the highest approval seen in all states at 74% which is amazing to see. Also the restrictive law limiting patients to certain cannabis products failed to pass which is great news.
 All wins and 0 losses for Cannabis this election.  Congrats to all the freedom loving people in those states, the future is bright! 
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