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Best Led Grow lights For a 3x3ft Grow Area

Best Led Grow lights For a 3x3ft Grow Area

Best LED grow lights for a 3x3ft area
We always get questions about what lights go best in certain grow spaces and one that always comes up is which is best for a 3x3ft area.
So right off the bat let's start with my pick for the best light for growing cannabis in a 3x3ft area. For me, my pick would be the Optic 4 Gen 4 because this light was made specifically to be a 3x3ft powerhouses. Newly update from the last generation of Optic 4, this light is now rocking all the top technology the same as our flagship LED grow light the Optic 8+ NextGen. This light perfectly covers a 3x3ft area and has a very strong par out that allows the light to penetrate deep into the plants canopies.
If you want to go with the most powerful light you can fit in this area I would have to recommend the Optic 4XL NextGen, it is all the same tech inside the Optic 4 Gen 4 but it is in a bigger body providing better light spread and heat displacement along with being a bit more powerful running at 460w compared to the Optic 4 Gen 4 running at 370w. 
 Now to get into some other options you could go with, these would be good if you are on a budget and wanted to slowly add lights to complete your set getting you up and growing faster. The Optic 2 Gen option is very good as it would be very similar to an Optic 4 Gen 4 but you would be able to have 2 spread out a bit giving you better light spread and heat displacement. Also, you can go with the Optic 1, Optic 1XL, PhatSlim 1 and PhatSlim 1XL options where you can get 2 to 4 of these to really fill up at 3x3ft grow space nicely.
Whatever you go with remember to enjoy your self in your garden and you can always start small and work your way up to the perfect setup that suits your needs. 
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