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Best Growing Apps For Cultivators

Best Growing Apps For Cultivators

Everything is going digital/mobile these days and cannabis growing data is following suit. The days of growers keeping messy notes on a notepad or calendar are gone. Today we have access to multiple expertly developed apps that we can use to access all the information we collect and need in one place.
 These apps can help save you time looking up information and can keep your growing schedule more in sync. Users can easily look up data from past grows, look at photographic evidence and schedule up your watering or feedings. 
 Commercial Growers with large budgets and tech knowledge have in the past led the way in this sector of technology but now it has been put into apps that smaller scale commercial companies or home growers can utilize for their benefit. 
Botana is one of the top most used apps today in this field. It is arguably the most indepth growing apps on the market. Allowing you to compile detailed notes and data such as environmental, strain, and more. These guys are leading the way into the future. 
Budlabs was designed specifically for Hydroponic growers. Their nutrient calculator, in particular, can be very useful and save you time looking up information on this. The way it works is you choose (grow or Bloom section), select the nutrient base, select your level of experience, and put in reservoir size — once done BudLabs will give you a feeding schedule for the correct weeks needed for your strain your growing. BudLabs is developed by Advanced Nutrients, you will be encouraged to buy their products as you use the app. 
Grower Helper 
The Grower Helper app can help cannabis growers keep track of their grow op data. You can register your plants, fertilizers, and sprays, add photos to keep track of progress, set task reminders, track environmental conditions, and log information about your end products like extracts. Small-scale growers will find this app great to keep organized and never forget something. Available for both Android and iOS devices.
SimLeaf allows users to practice growing weed Virtually in 3d from their phone or tablet. An good app for people looking to experiment with new growing methods to see how they may affect real-life plants.
Grow With Jane 

Grow With Jane focuses on providing new growers with helpful tips, grow logs, and scheduling for small operations. This app seems better for smaller, beginner cannabis growers. For those that want to share, they also give space for users to share their data, photos, and other information with the larger Jane community. 

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