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Optic Led Lights That Work With Master Controller

Optic led grow lights are evolving and one main feature of our new lights is that they all have the ability to connect to the Master Controller. Right now all of the Slim Series lights and the NextGen Gen 4 lights all can be connected and daisy chained to multiple lights using the Master Controller.
 Slim Series Slim 600H, 480H and 320H all come with ports for connecting to the Master Controller but only the Optic 8+ NextGen comes with these ports out of the cob light series. If you are interested in getting a controller for the Optic 2, Optic 4 and Optic 6 generation 4 you will need to ask for special customization and cost a 50$. A small price to have complete optimization control of your led grow lights.
 Remember that very few Led light company's have controllers let alone touch screen. Made for the commercial growers but also loved by home growers who enjoy working with the best high end tech and those who want complete control of their gardens. Find out what the Optic Led Master Controller can do for your Optic Led garden. 

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