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Warranty Repair Kit - Built in Timer / Control Panel - Optic 2-4-6


Replacement Timer / Control Panel Board







#1 Please Make sure they name and address you order this repair kit under are the same name and address that you originally ordered your light under as this will expedite the processing and shipment of your repair kit.


Whats Included in the kit:

1 - Timer / Control Panel Board 

1 - Instructions on what to do once your receive the kit



Shipping: FREE

Inside the USA: Ships via 2-3 business day USPS Priority Mail from Seattle.

Outside the USA: Ships via 5 business day FEDEX Airmail.

Cost: Free (included with your 5 year warranty)


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 More Information


For additional Support please reach out to us directly at the email listed below.

Located in USA, Email:

Located in Canada, Email:

Located Outside of N.America: Email:



Repair Videos Page -

Here is our repair page which has a short video on how to plug in the replacement Timer / Control Panel Board


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it hard to plug in the replacement Timer / Control panel board?

A: No, it will take you about 15-20 minutes as long as you watch the short video

on how to install the replacement Timer/ control panel board


Q: What tools do i need to install the Timer / Control panel board

A: You will only need a Philips screw driver.


Q: How can I avoid this happening again in the future

A: The built in timer / control panel is basically the computer for the light, it tells the LEDs, fans and timer when to initiate. The built in timer is sensitive to power fluctuations, so its best if you have a dedicated breaker just for lighting and you will never have problems. When you have oscillating fans, Heaters & air conditioners they all have varying amounts of wattage draw which can pull power away from your Optic LED. The Optic 2, 4 & 6 need constant current flowing to the light and its not good if the light dims down from your other devices that have fluctuating power draws. You can flip your breaker to find out what devices you have hooked up to that power outlet. We recommend all of your other devices to be hooked up to a separate breaker.


Q: Do I have to send my light in for repair?

A: No, All of the Optic LED growers are able to keep their lights in the garden at all times as we just send you a part that you can plug in if you ever have a problem which will help you avoid costly down time.