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Titan Controls Helios 7 - 8 Light 240 Volt Controller w/ Timer



Titan Controls® Helios® 7 - 8 Light 240 V Controller with Timer



Titan Controls® Helios® 7 - 8 Light 240 V Controller with Timer

          This controller will run eight (8) Optic LED lights at 240 volts fully automated with the built in timer. Titan Helios 7 Controller has 8 Plug ins directly on it, so you can plug 8 Optic LED Grow Lights directly into this unit. Helios 7 only requires 1 240 volt power line to be ran to it saving you from having to install mass amounts of electrical wiring and outlets throughout your facility. The Lighting controller can be installed anywhere as long as your power cords are long enough to reach it. Most commercial orders for Optic LEDs come with 10 foot or 15 foot power cords making it very easy to plug the lights directly into the controller. 
         The built in timer is very easy to setup as its an analog timer. To set the timer you just push in the tabs as each one represents 15 minutes. To set the timer up for 12 hours on and 12 hours off, you simply just press in half of the tabs. Once your titan lighting controller is installed it will automate your lighting and last for many years of continued use. 


Compatibility: Works with all Optic LEDs 

Power Outlets: 8  (120v or 240v)

Max Power: 8000 watts

Input Voltage: 50 Amps / 240v

Output Voltage: 40 Amps / 240v

Voltage: 240 Volts

Size: 16.5 " x 13.8 "

Timer: Built in 

Applications: Commercial Cultivation 

Product includes: 1 Helios 3 Light controller

Manufactured: In the USA

    Optic LED Warranty:  5 years

    Life Expectancy: 7-10 years

    Packaging: Has Branding on packaging and protective foam inside.

    Shipping: Free shipping

    USA Orders: Ships within 1-2 business days

    Outside USA: not currently available


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     Frequently Asked Questions:


    What gauge wire does the Helios 7 need to be hooked with?


    The Helios 7 requires a 8 AWG - 90°C - Copper - 2/1 power cable to attach the controller to the main power panel. It is always recommended to contact a Certified Electrician prior to installing the high power controller, and they can assist in the proper installation of the Helios 7.