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Slim 100 bloom Enhancer - 100 watt Dimmable LED Grow Light (UV / IR) (Now Shipping)

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                                      Slim 100 Bloom Enhancer


           Slim 100 Bloom Enhancers delivers a Mega load or Pure Bloom Enhancement Spectrum. Slim 100 is a long 42" LED Bar with 64 Total High Power CREE XPE LEDs as well as a heavy Load of Ultra Violet and infrared to help you produce the highest possible quality, potency, resin production & yield. 


USA Orders: Ships in 1-2 Business Days 

Outside N. America Orders: Ships in 2-5 Days


 Max Power: 100 watts

Dimmability: 0%-100% Dimming

LEDs: 64 Total

CREE XPE 660nm Deep Red LEDs

CREE XPE 450nm Royal Blue LEDs




Driver: 100w Meanwell Dimmable Driver

Fixture Size : 42" x 3.2" x 1"




 Slim 100 Bloom Enhancer shown in this video