OPTIC 8+ Dimmable COB LED GROW LIGHT 500W (UV/IR) 3500k COBs
OPTIC 8+ Dimmable COB LED GROW LIGHT 500W (UV/IR) 3500k COBs
OPTIC 8+ Dimmable COB LED GROW LIGHT 500W (UV/IR) 3500k COBs
OPTIC 8+ Dimmable COB LED GROW LIGHT 500W (UV/IR) 3500k COBs
OPTIC 8+ Dimmable COB LED GROW LIGHT 500W (UV/IR) 3500k COBs
OPTIC 8+ Dimmable COB LED GROW LIGHT 500W (UV/IR) 3500k COBs
Optic LED Grow Lights

OPTIC 8+ Dimmable COB LED GROW LIGHT 500W (UV/IR) 3500k COBs

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          Optic 8+ 500 watt dimmable COB LED Grow Light has risen to the TOP of the LED Grow Light Industry purely by proving itself as 1 of the highest Yielding Grow Lights on the market. Optic LED has now seamlessly integrated eight of CREE's highest yielding COB's (XLAMP CXB3590) with industry leading glass projection lenses to give you unprecedented light spread and canopy penetration. The combination of CREE COB's outfitted with ultra high quality glass lens and the Osram Far Red Bloom enhancer array will deliver mind blowing results. Upgrading to Optic 8+ you can expect significant increases in Canopy Depth, flowering sites, bud density, coloring of your flowers, resin production and terpene profiles. Yield up to 2.5 pounds per harvest which is an incredible 2.25 grams per watt under a beautiful white light that you and your plants can both enjoy. 


New! Lifetime Warranty on Optic 8+ (see warranty page for details)



Free Over the phone Grow Consultation or Consultation via email

253-881-1355 or inquire at sales@OpticLEDGrowLights.com



Max Power: 500 watts

HID equivalent: 1000 watt DE HPS

LEDs: USA MADE CREE COBs & OSRAM SMD Bloom Enhancer Array

  • 8 x CREE CXB3590 COB LEDs
  • 6 x 3500k Daylight White CXB3590 COBs
  • 2 x 5000k Cool White CXB3590 COBs 
  • Each COB is 137w max & under driven @50w continuous
  • 32 x 3-watt OSRAM ultra efficient LEDs 


Optics: COBS & 3W LEDs have 90 degree Lens standard with option to choose 120 degree lens for a 5'x5' coverage area. Glass Projection Lens Directs light downwards, magnifies par and increases canopy penetration by up to 200%. 

Drivers:  3 commercial grade Meanwell Drivers (Industry Best)


    Spectrum: Full-spectrum + infrared + Ultra Violet  

    Spectrum of "Bloom Enhancer" (50w Osram SMD Array) 

    Spectrum on OPTIC 8+ @full power



    PAR Output: 1828 u/mols at center of footprint (90 degree Lens)

    PPFD for 4x4 area @ 18" (90 degree Lens): 693.78


    PAR Output: 1420 u/mols at center of footprint 

    PPFD for 4x4 area @24" (90 degree Lens) : 619.87


    Recommended Coverage area & hanging height :

    • Veg: 6' x 6' @30" 
    • Flower: 4' x 4' @18"- 24" (1.2m x 1.2m)
    • Max Flower Coverage 5' x 5' (120 degree Lens) (1.5m x 1.5m)

    Recommended hanging height:

    90 degree LENS

    • Veg: 24"-36"          (.6m - .9m)
    • Flower: 18"-24"     (.5m - .6m)

    120 degree LENS for 4x4

    • Veg: 24"-30"          (.6m - .75m)
    • Flower: 16"-20"     (.4m - .5m)

    120 degree LENS for 5x5

    • Veg: 24"-30"          (.6m - .75m)
    • Flower: 18"-24"     (.4m - .5m)

    Light Controls:

    Dimmability: 3 Way Dimmability

    VEG Dimmer: Controls 4 COBs: Two of the 5000k cool white COBs & Two 3500k daylight white COBs.

    BLOOM Dimmer: 4 COBs: Controls four daylight white 3500k COBs.

    BLOOM ENHANCER Dimmer: 32 pcs 3w diodes, Controls UV & Osram secondary led array.



    Switch#1: COBs ON/OFF (Turns all 8 COBs on)

    Switch#2: Bloom Enhancer ON/OFF

    Switch #1 & Switch#2: ON (Full Power)


    Optic 8+ Specifications:

    Yield: Up to 2.51lbs / 40.17 ounces / 1,125 grams

    Grams Per watt: Up to 2.25

    Thermal management: 9 x cooling fans, slotted housing & overbuilt Aluminum fin heat-sinks.

    Fixture Dimensions: 27" L x 27" W x 4" H

    PPF/Watt: : 2.0 umol/J

    Input Voltage: 100-265 VAC

    (240 volt power cords available upon request)

    Input Current: 5-1.9 Amps

    Max Power Draw: 500 watts

    Finish: Matte White

    Fixture Weight: 36 Pounds

    Shipping Weight: 40 Pounds

    Product includes: 120v power cord, 4 Rope Ratchet Hangers & LED Fixture. (120v-240v power cords available, we automatically ship the correct power cord for your country)


      Optic LED Warranty: Lifetime Warranty (10 years)

      Life Expectancy: 10-13 Years 

      Packaging: Plain brown discrete packaging with no labels.

      (*Taxes & Duties will be required on shipments outside of N. America)

      Shipping: Free worldwide shipping 

      USA Orders: Ships within 1 business day

      Outside USA: Ships within 1-2 business days

      *Special Shipping designations are listed at the top.

      Recommended for:

      • Grow tents(4x4) (5x5) (8x8) (10x10) 
      • Grow rooms (All Sizes)
      • Full-cycle growing from seedling to flower
      • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

      Optic 8+ USA Patent Pending


      Optic 8+ Commercial Grow @Hicksford Farms in Oklahoma



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