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At checkout for 5% off use discount code: gobig5
At checkout for 5% off use discount code: gobig5

NugSmasher X - 3 Ton Rosin Press - Electric Press





NugSmasher X 3 Ton Rosin Press

The ALL-NEW NugSmasher X is an electric rosin extraction system that features the precise amount of automatic controlled pressure with one touch operation.

The  4” x 4” inch heated extraction plates will  give you the ability to extract up to 14g at one press.

NugSmasher X is a simple and effortless way to extract concentrates in minutes with a push of a button

Specifically used with the Nugsmasher extraction bags

NugSmasher X Features

  • One touch automatic operation up and down
  • Accurate Digital Temperature Control NS710
  • Capable of extracting up to 14 grams at once
  • NugSmasher X bag, One size bag fits all (3g-14g) comes in 4 different micron sizes
  • Pressure to surface area matched for the perfect flower rosin extraction every time (900 Material PSI – with use of NugSmasher X bag)
  • Precision extraction plate alignment rods & bearings
  • Industrial powder coat finish
  • Made out of USA Solid Structural Steel & Aluminum
  • Large 4″ x 4″ Smash Plates
  • Dual Heating Elements (160W ea)
  • 120v/240v   50Hz/60Hz  240v heater options
  • Industrial Rubber machine feet
  • Circuit Protection
  • Made in America
  • Guaranteed for Life