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New! CyberPower Backup Battery for Master Controller


                CyberPower Backup Battery for your Master Controller.


           You plug this Power Strip into the wall and plug your controller into this power strip. This guarantees that if your power flickers or goes out your controller will not reset. This adds massive long term stability and reliability to your grow. If you have power flickers or power outages and want to use the optic master controller this is a required item and will give you peace of mind with your Optic LED Grow Lights and Controller system. 



Runtime with Just the Controller: 5 Days!
(Controller is 2 watts only)
Runtime @ 50 watts: 120 Minutes
Output VA: 350 VA
 Max Output Watts: 255 W
Recommended running Watts: 2 Watt - 50 Watt
Form Factor: Compact
Waveform: Sine Wave
Outlets: 6 - NEMA 5-15R
Warranty: Provided Through CyberPower
The Optic LED touch screen master controller is sold seperately.
(Add on) Optic LED Master Controller v2 - Spectrum Controller - Dimmers