4x4 Optic Hang Kit (324w)
4x4 Optic Hang Kit (324w)
4x4 Optic Hang Kit (324w)
4x4 Optic Hang Kit (324w)
4x4 Optic Hang Kit (324w)
Optic LED

4x4 Optic Hang Kit (324w)

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     4x4 Optic Hang kit is the first ever fully customizable frame kit that allows you to adjust each COB independently & attach additional frame kits to expand your COB LED Array as you go. Our plug and play ready hang kits give you an easy to use system that utilizes the best of modern technology making it easier for you to get the amazing results your looking for. We have now unleashed CREE's XLAMP to be used at its maximum potential by spreading them out over a larger area giving you unprecedented light penetration, spread and coverage with a PPFD of 500 at 18" hanging height while only consuming 324 watts at the wall.


Included with this Kit. 

*6 of the Optic 1 COB LEDs (3500k or 5000k)

*6 of the Optic 1 ratchet Hangers

*1 all aluminum frame for 4x4 area

*4 ratchet hangers to hang the frame with


42 3/4" x 31 3/4"   (540mm x 810mm)


       The XLamp® CXB3590 LED Array is the brightest member of the second generation of the CXA family that delivers up to 30% higher efficacy and up to 20% higher lumens than the first generation in the same LES. The CXB3590 LED delivers high lumen output and high efficacy in a single, easy-to-use package that eliminates the need for reflow soldering. 2.15 umol/watt efficiency rating puts Optic 1 at the Top of the charts in efficiency. 




Optics: 90 Degree Lens

Spectrum for 3500 kelvin Optic 1 COB

Spectrum for 5000 kelvin Optic 1 COB


PAR Data: 4x4 area (1.2Mx1.2M) @ 18" Hanging Height


4x4 Optic Hang kit Specifications:

PPFD: 500

Yield: Up to 2.0 Grams Per Watt 

Yield: 4x4 Hang Kit 648 grams / 23.14 oz / 1.44 lbs


Cooling: Passive Pin Heatsink (No fan)

Kelvin: 3500K DayLight White or 5000K Cool White

CRI: 80

Lumens: 75,200

umol/ watt 2.15

Efficacy at bulb level: 2.5

Forward Foltage: 36V

Max Current Drive: 3600ma

Actual Power Draw: 432 watts

Max Power: 1096 Watts

Lifetime: 50,000 Hours (8.5 years @16hrs daily use)

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Shipping: Free Shipping to over 25 countries & discrete packaging.

Driver: Meanwell

Cables: 6 Foot attached power cord 

Power Plug: USA, UK, CANADA, EURO, Africa, Austrailia (We automatically ship correct power cord for your country)

Hanger:4 Ratchet Hangers Included (Optic 1s comes with ratchet hangers)

Recommended for: Closet Grow, Cabinet Grow & Grow Tents.

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Shipping: Ships within 3 business days




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